Sunday, November 30, 2014

Professor Rafael

Raf is really, really into colouring and drawing, at the moment. Charlie follows along and delights in showing us scribbles which he labels, 'mummy, daddy, Rafi, etc'. He excitedly presents them to us with a 'ta da! I did it'! 

Raf also loves to work on his reading and spelling, and is mildly obsessive asking what things say as he reads out the letters of random words to us. This is followed by him showing us, visually, how many syllables each word has and then counting the letters in each word. Charlie likes to count, too, though bizarrely starts from 4 and then counts to 9 and then skips to 14 (seemingly his favourite number!)

A couple of weeks ago, on Veteran's Day, Raf had the day off school. Rich had to work, as did I, and so Raf came to work with me. Here he is arriving bright and early so we can prepare for my 8am class. He came dressed appropriately, with corduroys, shirt, and a cardigan with elbow patches!

As I was powering up the computer in my classroom, trying to get the power point to work, Raf emptied the contents of his bag onto the floor beneath my feet and I realized that things might not run as smoothly as I had planned! Trying to teach with your 5 year old at your feet, is no easy task. In fact it's made more difficult when said 5 year old was clearly a little bored. Indeed he explicitly said, in front of my entire class, 'mummy, how long do we have left? This is so boring'! I retorted that the entire class was likely bored but endure we must, so he went back to his colouring, periodically getting up to stand next to me (much to the delight of the students), or as he played with his airplanes, buzzing them around in front of the power point projector.

He was, though, very excited about lunch, and he managed to find every single beige food in the canteen.

And there were more snacks in my office during office hours.

Thankfully he didn't have to come to my 3 hour afternoon/evening class, as our friend Stacey was on campus with her 3 children and offered to take Raf back to another friend's house. It was a super fun day but difficult to be productive with a little visitor. At least Charlie didn't have to come!

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