Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I 'hangry'...

Charlie is a very cheerful little poppet but he drives us absolutely crackers when it comes to food. He is always 'hungry', and indeed each morning - sometimes in the very wee hours - I'm awoken with the words, 'mummy, I hungry'. Sometimes he shouts out random foods such as 'burgers' (we're vegan!), donut holes, or usually just 'toast and juice'. We try and fill him up at night, he has milk during the night, and yet 'I'm hungry' is close to being his mantra. I do think that he takes after my dad in this regard, since he was always hungry, and when he was we all had to dedicate ourselves to finding something he'd eat! Charlie is not unlike this... 

In fact, he can be eating something, then stop, and then declare that he is 'hungry'. I explain that he needs to eat whatever he's eating first, but he will grab us (strongly) and pull us into the kitchen to indicate exactly what snack he's hungry for. We try to hold firm, redirect him to his toast, banana, whatever else it might be - but he wears us down in a way that leaves us feeling as though we have no choice but to give the little food-dictator what he wants!

Last week he was especially strident... at 4:30am. I took him downstairs, put the little prince on the couch with a blanket with an episode of Caillou, and went, as ordered, into the kitchen to rustle him up some toast. 

Something has to change! 

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