Sunday, November 9, 2014

Oh boy.

So there will be another Oliver-Campbell to add to the clan - due date May 8th (Dad's birthday was May 9th and mine is on the 13th, so a very auspicious month!). This was something of a 'surprise', though a very lovely one. I'm in my 15th week and have, predictably, been very, very sick. I'm feeling quite a bit better this week, and am having to take less of the nausea medication. Hoping it gets even better (though won't hold my breath!)

We only told the boys a week or so ago.  Raf was beside himself with joy. We knew he wanted more siblings as he often asks, 'mummy, I'd like One Hundred brothers', and whilst that isn't happening, he was so happy for the news. He counsels Charlie not to 'squash' the baby, and when I reminded him that it might not be a brother (who am I kidding?!) he said, 'silly mummy. I'll still love it the same'!

This time around we had some more involved genetic screening done. It wasn't available when I was pregnant with Chas, but they can now detect placental DNA in the mother's blood, so at 10 weeks and on you can have a very non invasive blood test and they can screen for trisomies. It's still a screening - but 96-98% accurate - so we were relieved when, just a week later, things came back looking good. They also look for sex chromosomes (and any abnormalities), and if there is a Y chromosome it's a BOY! When the genetic counselor called me to tell me the news, she asked if we wanted to know... I declined but she kindly agreed to put the 'sex' of the baby written down and popped in an envelope and three weeks ago I picked it up.

And we've yet to open it. Rich wanted to wait until Thanksgiving, but I am pretty sure it's another boy. I have three nieces  - and they are the oldest cousins. What came next..... 9 boys (on both sides of our families). Even the neighborhood I live in has all boys... save for one new little girl. Perhaps she has broken the 'boys only' trend, but I think it's doubtful. We'd actually love another boy (and Rich especially, as he'd like to reuse all their clothing!). But a girl would be super fun.

Our very lovely neighbor Shannon, has offered to either bake us a cake or to put some balloons in a box for the boys to open as a fun way to reveal (another boy! Aha!). I think we may do it next weekend, so if you happen to be around and would like to see me openly weep as I contemplate a life being totally out numbered even the pups are boys) then feel free to stop by. As Rich keeps reminding me, 'this IS IT, so make it something to remember'. I keep responding, 'never say never'.

Looks at these angels...!


  1. So happy for you guys! And so impressed with your ability to wait!

  2. Omg Congratulations!!!!

  3. I just wanted to say I STILL CANNOT WAIT! :)