Sunday, November 16, 2014

And it's a...

A few days ago we decided that Saturday, November 15th, would be the day we opened the envelope! I had been feeling strong willed in not looking, but last Sunday I was close to opening it so took it over to our neighbor and friends' (Shannon and Jon) house for safekeeping. Not only that, but Shannon offered to make the reveal a little bit more exciting by making us a box filled with appropriately coloured balloons. Raf was very excited by this idea. So rather impromptu, we invited a  few neighbours and friends to come over to join in the festivities. It was very, very last minute and it was very lovely that many people were able to join us!

That morning I enjoyed my usual predawn snuggle with the boys...! I've been contending with pregnancy insomnia this past couple of months - and invariable, just as I'm getting back to sleep around 4am, up pops one of the boys. 

Before the reveal, everyone had a guess at the baby's sex. We even had a few call ins from the UK. Rich and I were strongly feeling boy, and up until that afternoon so had Raf. All of a sudden he said he's like a baby sister and popped his and Charlie's names on the girls side.

Shannon made such a lovely box...

Raf goes back for last minute adjustment.

Let's open this box....

OH my goodness... bloomin' heck!

Complete and utter shock....

Melissa and Freya Facetimed in from the UK! It was so much fun... and you can see the shock and delight on Freya's face. A GIRL cousin!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon and Jon had put a few girl goodies in the bottom of the box... along with the original 'it's a girl' card from the genetic counselor. The bows! The shoes...! Such a kind and generous friend.

Uh oh... it was a mistake: it's TWO boys!

It was a brilliant afternoon... Thank you so much to everyone! I am still in a state of shock. I actually don't quite believe it's true. The genetic testing we had done is 99% accurate but there is always that chance that we will be in the 1%. I'm anxious for the upcoming ultrasound in a few weeks!

I didn't get much sleep last night - still in a shocked stupor - and then Raf had a bad nightmare so me and the boys were up at 4am. They're terribly sweet, though.


  1. Congratulations from over here. :) Mike

  2. Huge congratulations! I went boy, boy, girl....and then finally a special third boy, but we never found out until I gave birth each time and our daughter was a massive surprise as I had assumed she'd be a boy too.
    Prepare yourself for getting tights in a tangle and doing pretty hairstyles. Girls are just as much fun but in such different ways.
    Your photos are wonderful!
    Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. x