Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day 2013

It's really been a hectic few months, and while the semester has ended reports need to be written, grading needs to be done, and summer teaching has to be prepared. Today, though, I refused to think about work and instead had a very relaxing day hanging out with the boys. Rich made it a very special day. It was just lovely. 

As usual Charlie woke up before 5am. Rich got up with him and I fell back to sleep with a still sleeping Rafi. Bliss! At 7am Charlie came back in and fell back to sleep for a while and we all hung out in bed with hot chocolate and lots of snuggling. 

When I walked downstairs I discovered a gorgeous breakfast. Rich had prepared a beautiful platter of fruit, and I snuck a quick peek at a cake that he's been up making and decorating the night before (by all accounts he was still decorating the cake at 1:30am... what a good dad and husband). I also got a new rose bush, another plant, and a surprise book on my kindle. I also loved the sign that they boys made for me... it's difficult to see but it says, 'we love mummy'!

My pretty cake.

He's a bit of a messy eater but he loved the melon and mango.

More hugs... and then in the afternoon I went up for a nap. Oh, bliss. When I got up we went outside for some fun on the play ground. Charlie is really liking his swing.

Raf wanted to climb the big muddy bank next to our house, but when I reminded him that we were having cake for tea he sprinted back home. We all like cake - and honestly it was delicious.

Poor Charlie is too little for cake. Next year, son.

After tea we went around the block, and when we returned home I had a very relaxing bath.  Perfect.

A lovely day, and thanks to Rich for making such a nice effort. It was much appreciated and much needed.

Raf was funny... he was telling me what he loved about me - and this included how I play trains with him, how I play hide and seek, and, interestingly, how I don't bite the dogs!


  1. Oh mercy, I'm jealous of that fruit!! Looks so good. So glad you had a lovely day. I've gotten lots of hugs and I love yous and Brian made a card and signed all of our babies' names and J "signed" hers and colored it.

  2. looks like a wonderful day. what a great family you've made mrs. x x x

  3. Makes me so happy to hear of you getting time to chill and nap and play and be pampered. Cake looks so good. Send some here please!

  4. You so deserve all of this--and what a terrific family you have!!!! And it is indeed much to be admired that you do not bite the dogs! xoxoxo