Friday, May 17, 2013

Belated Birthday Post!

A belated birthday post... I turned 37 (yikes) on Monday. Another lovely day with the boys. I took the day off (mostly) from work and enjoyed taking the boys to the open gym class that Rich usually takes them to. First I woke up to these two boys and lots of cuddles.

And then we headed to the open gym and even Charlie was getting into things.

Raf got a good go on the infamous bat-bike that I hear about every week as Raf is usually involved in some sort of stand-off with another little boy.

Meanwhile a little girl brought Charlie over a doll to play with. He gave the baby a good kiss.

We had to head to a pediatric cardiology appointment with Charlie (I'll write another post) but when we got back I was lucky enough to head for a nap while Rich and Rafi made a birthday cake.

Raf made me a train cake, of course! And he did all the sprinkles, too.

A really wonderful day with the boys.

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