Thursday, May 9, 2013

88th Birthday.

Today would have been my dad's 88th birthday. Tonight we picked up Rafi from school and headed to Federal jacks, a pub which my dad liked. Indeed 11 years ago today we celebrated dad's 77th birthday there. He actually liked the food there! We had a lovely time, though Charlie was very energetic trying to grab everything that he could - especially the knives. Raf was very happy to eat chips and Charlie chowed down on cucumber and broccoli. 

Charlie's first attempt at colouring... it was more banging the crayon on the paper, which happened to leave some marks :)

Both boys quite engrossed in their projects.

Outside Rafi pointed to the boats...

And did a few dance movements.

When we arrived home Rich and Charlie were lucky to have a couple of pressies to celebrate their grandpa's birthday. Rich bought the boys some nautical teeshirts and I bought them a boat each.

A very nice evening though of course also very sad as we would love dad to be with us. I told Raf yesterday that we'd be going out to celebrate grandpa's birthday and he said, 'oh, I'm sad that Grandpa can't climb down from the stars; I miss him'. Then he said he missed his cat and asked whether the dogs had done it...! Funny boy.


  1. Very sweet way to celebrate your dad. xo

  2. What a special time you had remembering your dad and the boys' grandpa.I'm sure your dad would have been there with you in spirit Alex.

    I also have to say just how gorgeous the boys look in their matching shirts! Adorable! :) xx

  3. Your kids are so stinkin' cute. I love that you all celebrated. :)