Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sweet Boys

So thankful for my lovely Boy Wonder. He is such a sweet little boy, so open and friendly in a way that makes me feel slightly terrified that his heart will be broken much too easily; he's so funny and loving and we feel eternally grateful for him. 

Here he is making friends with some twins we met hiking last week...

And then enjoying a picnic (with his 'hat' hair).

And kissing his brother.

And browsing for presents to tell Santa what he'd like for Christmas.

And once again kissing his brother.

And of course so unbelievably full of thankfulness that we have Baby Toast, Poppet 2, the lovely chunky Charlie. He's such a laid-back little fellow and a lovely little brother to Rafi.

Blessed that he seems to be healthy, and indeed he weighed in at a whopping 11 pounds at his one month appointment (almost 5 weeks) with a head in the 95th percentile. Good boy, Charlie.


  1. Both Rafi and Charlie are so wonderful. Beautiful photos.

  2. Adorable photos Alex. You're very blessed to have two absolutely handsome boys. Charlie looks so much like Rafi in the photo of him asleep in his rocker chair.
    So glad that everything has settled down with Charlie and I hope you've got rid of your infection too. x

  3. Thanks, Julie. Feeling very blessed, indeed.

    Ariella, so sorry to be a terrible blog reader! I need to catch up on your news. Hope you're well.

    Lots of love to you both. xo