Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Busy, Busy...

Life with Charlie and Rafi is a blast, though completely crazed. Rich is presently sleeping with Rafi in our bed, and a lot of his anxiety is manifesting at night as he wakes up frequently to check that one of us, usually Rich, is there. I'm then with Charlie, who sleeps fairly well for a newborn, in the spare room and then we all get in the same bed in the very early morning. It's a bit bonkers and tiring but we're not sure what else to do. Raf is nowhere near sleeping on his own. His personality type is such that he likes a lot of physical contact and he doesn't do well without it. So for now we're doing this with the hope that he'll one day sleep in his bunk bed, and, if not anytime soon, that Charlie will be big enough to withstand a toddler hug-athon in the middle of the night. Charlie would likely sleep in the Moses basket but I have to admit that I prefer him next to me, and I truly think that babies develop more healthy central nervous systems when they're physically close.

despite all of the musical beds, I've been getting a decent amount of sleep, but the infection I've been dealing with, as well as this cold, is making for a bit of a miserable time - at least physically. Nonetheless, we've been having some great times with the boys. Last week we had our first snow - which Raf absolutely loved - and then today we had weather in the 60s and Raf was in shorts and a teeshirt running along the beach.

... I began this post last night!

Anyway, we finished up the long weekend with a lovely playdate with Raf's friend Rowan from his new school. He's a really sweet boy and he and Raf had such a fun two hours. They played on the playset and then the two train-crazy preschoolers spent some time upstairs playing with Raf's trains. There wasn't too much fighting over trains, and truthfully Rowan was so sweet and gracious when Raf wouldn't share his favorite trains and carriages that it made for an easy time. Both boys were so sad to have their play date broken up and they hid, giggling, under the blankets trying to hide from us. Rowan's mum, Anne, also came along and we had a lovely time watching the boys while having actual adults conversations.

This morning Charlie and I dropped off Raf at school and Charlie attended his first Chairs' meeting. It might have been his last one, too :)

Tummy time!

Morning cuddles with Rafi and Charlie. Charlie already seems to be enamored with his older brother. He put his arm around Rafi while Raf was chatting to him and kissing him.  The first snowy day and no power... so cuddles were really needed.

Raf LOVES the snow.

Snow day cuddles.

Every morning there is a new sleeping configuration but we always end up in one bed with the boys cuddling.

Then we had gym class. Raf is so happy to be back with Coach Dan!

Sunday hike... Charlie's first one. Raf's first time in a carrier in a LONG time. I think that he's feeling some 'being carried' envy.

Monday morning cuddles..

Monday morning at the beach with the dogs.

Grumpy pants.


Play date fun!


  1. Very sweet pictures :-) Your kids are such a doll!!! Charlie's eyes are so beautiful and attractive :)

  2. It's wonderful to see the close brotherly bond forming between Rafi and Charlie in the photos. Before you know it, they'll be giggling away together, especially when Rafi works out what makes his little brother laugh.

    They are such gorgeous boys and you must be bursting with pride. Great to hear you are getting some sleep and I hope you're feeling so much better than the last days of your sleep-deprived pregnancy.

    I'm not sure I could cope with the bizarre weather changes. I'm not the biggest fan of snow, especially if it affects the power! Hope you guys stay warm and safe. x