Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life with two boys...

.. is sort of crazy, but it's wonderful and fun and very, very busy. Charlie is a very content, happy, little baby, which makes things a lot easier than it might be. He also sleeps quite well (especially for a newborn). Usually Rich takes Raf for his bath and then bed around 7pm, and then I take Charlie upstairs between 8 and 9pm. He sleeps well until 12 or 1am and then feeds and then goes back to sleep until 3 or 4am (this morning it was 5am). He's usually a little more awake at that point so I usually feed him, express some milk for my stash, give him to Rich and then try to fit in some exercise before everyone wakes up properly around 6am. 

This has been going quite well as I also then get to cuddle with Rafi while Rich takes care of Charlie, though lately he's taken to stealing the milk I express and drinking it himself!! 

On Mondays I have both boys at home. This week we had a fun packed Monday planned. First we went to Saco community center for their open gym hours and we met up with Stacey and the kiddos (including baby Enzo). We got there a little bit earlier than Stacey's crew and Raf took a little while to get comfortable so we played with some trains (of course) and some building blocks, but soon he was feeling comfortable enough to bounce on the bouncy castle. 

Straight after that we went to Rowan's house for a play date! Raf adores Rowan so much and had been really excited about it all day Sunday. They play really well together, and Rowan is a little older and is much better at sharing so he's very kind to Raf, who lately is having some challenges when it comes to sharing (I think it's Charlie related).Anne, Rowan's mum, is really wonderful and so we had a nice visit, but then Anne offered to watch Raf while I ran some chores with Charlie. I was dreading taking both kiddos food shopping so I took anne up on the kind offer and nipped to the shops while Raf happily played.

Both boys are pretty passionate about trains...

When it was time to go both boys were pretty sad. Rowan and Rafi walked hand in hand to the door and then had a lovely hug goodbye. Thinking Raf would be exhausted (he was) and would nap in the car I was looking forward to having an hour of peace while listening to my audible book... alas, Raf was overly excited and spent the entire time I was driving around asking when he and Rowan could go to the beach/park/water slide park/etc, etc...

Some nice tummy time with both boys almost resulted in a nap - but of course it didn't quite work out like that.

I was ready for bed at 7pm and was relieved that Charlie was ready to head to bed, too - though we made it until 8:30pm.

This morning it was just me and Charlie. I was doing some ironing and making silly faces at Charlie as he sat in the chair next to me, and he treated me with some lovely smiles and lots of cooing. These have to be the most unflattering pictures of Charlie but they are also some of the most delightful. I swear he doesn't have as many chins as it seems on these pics (and he's really not as bald!!).

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  1. I love the pics! So sweet that rafi has some lovely friends. I love you, wonder woman x