Monday, November 5, 2012

First Hallowe'en, First Bath, First Day Alone..

It has been an absolutely crazy week since we returned from the hospital with Charlie last week. We returned to the Dr. last Friday and Deb, his Dr., gave Charlie a clean bill of health. I am honestly a little worried still, especially since the episodes aren't lessening and there are some crazy rare syndromes that have tachypnea as one of their main symptoms. But I'm trying to focus on the fact that this little guy is healthy, is happy, and is growing at a great pace. Indeed he weighed in at 8 pounds 11oz, which means he's gained more than a pound in his short life. He left the hospital at 3 days old weighing in at 7 pounds 2, so an impressive weight gain. He's also grown a bit and was 20.75 inches. His head, of course, measured in the 95% percentile :)

It was Charlie's first Hallowe'en, too. We were very last minute about it as we had been in the hospital and were grateful that a couple of friends loaned us some costumes for Raf to wear. He was a shark at school and minutes before we left to trick or treat he chose to dress up as a monkey! Very sweet as he was running around making monkey noises.

We were joined by some friends who also have a newborn baby, and we had a lot of fun walking around our new neighborhood. We were also joined a little later by Sawyer and Colby and their mum, Karla. More good fun. All the neighbors were excited to meet baby Charlie, and Raf loved saying 'Happy Hallowe'en' and 'trick or treat'! We swapped out most of his swag for some lollipops and he's been a very happy boy since then!

Goodbye kisses with Colby and Sawyer. Raf is a big fan of Colby's!

Charlie also had his first bath last night. His hair is so full of spit-up that I was feeling very guilty about not bathing him so he joined me in the bath last night and he really, really enjoyed it. Well, that may be an overstatement, but he didn't cry!

Today was my first full day alone with the boys. I have been feeling very unwell this past few days and so it was not the best start to the week/ We had been planning on having a playdate with Raf's good friend from school, Rowan, but the plans fell through so we headed to the library so Raf could play trains there. He had a great time and it was nice to be able to sit down and just watch him play. Both boys napped on the way home so I enjoyed  a peaceful hour driving around, listening to my audiblebook. When we arrived home it was a bit of a nightmare as both boys were crying, both boys needed changing (Rafi has really regressed with potty training), and both were starving.

I elected to quickly get Rafi out of his car seat and to then get Charlie.. but Rafi wanted to be carried like a baby upstairs so I had to traipse upstairs with him and then Charlie... crying in stereo. I managed to eat a Luna bar for lunch as even warming up soup was an impossibility. Charlie wanted milk and Rafi wanted to sit on the other half of the boppy and cuddle, and then Charlie was crying and Raf wanted to be rocked like a baby and for me to read him a book. Ah, life with two boys!

I had put a call in to my midwife a little earlier as I really have been feeling as though I have the flu and a very tender abdomen, so they had me come in for an emergency appointment. Schlepping two boys to the appointment was something to behold, especially when being examined with Raf trying to get on the examination table as I was also nursing Charlie. Eek. Thankfully Rich joined us at the end of the appointment and I was able to at least wait for the prescription antibiotics without having to entertain two tired boys.

Unfortunately it looks as though I have a uterine infection. I have a horrible fever and body aches, and mostly a very sore tummy and back. It really is the pits, but I'm hoping that next time I'm on my own with both children that it won't feel quite as tiring!


  1. Hugs for you!!! I hope your infection clears up very quickly and hopefully then you'll feel much better. I wish I could do something for you like come over and clean or something. I'm glad you have good friends who are bringing you meals, though, that is great. Hang in there.

  2. Ow, poor you. That is the pits. I can't imagine how you managed all that. You're supermum! Hope the infection clears quickly. Much love to you x

  3. Also - adorable costumes!!!! So cute

  4. And you asked why I don't want three :)

  5. Alex, how are you feeling today? The day you describe sounds absolutely insane. You poor dear! But indeed your friends are right--you handled it amazingly and you are such a great mum. :-)

    xoxoxo and please call if you need me. I can come by tomorrow for a short spell if you need it! xoxo

  6. Goodness, you've had so much on your plate since little Charlie arrived. I'm so sorry to hear that you've got an infection on top of your worry about Charlie's episodes. I hope the antibiotics soon clear it up and get you feeling well again. Coping with a pre-schooler and a newborn whilst feeling unwell is the absolute pits.
    I have to say that your boys look utterly gorgeous in their Halloween costumes. I've just bought a bear costume for Gabriel for Christmas, which is very similar to the monkey one.

    Once you're feeling well again, you'll find you manage those two boys just fine on your own. You're a supermum!! xxx