Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Into Spring...

It's been a long time coming - this is my first blog of 2012! Firstly, I would like to thank Al for holding down the blog fort with her sweet posts about our life (the ups and downs), over the last three months or so. Moving house, the big loss of her Dad (my own blog about Keith is in the works) and other trials and tribulations that tested us over the second half of 2011. I'd like to thank our family and friends who have offered all manner of love and support - we are still very grateful for everything we received...

We are very happy to be in 2012 and our warm and straight new house, not far from the sea and beaches. We are also looking forward to the warmer days of spring so we can get our bikes out and hit the roads of southern Maine once more. We are happy (and a little sad...) to see Raf grow up and be his joyous self as he has navigated a daycare transition - which has gone very smoothly and he has also joined two new classes - music together (a separate post is upcoming) and gymnastics with varying degrees of success each week - he's learning I repeat to myself!!! He has been wonderful through these demanding six months - and now he has been enjoying the treats and attention of 'Nana' for the last two months. Basically he has been getting away with murder as he watches Kipper marathons whilst surrounded by snacks/drinks and soft cushions with the often mentioned word 'juice' never being to far from our ears. How things may change next week when 'Nana' sadly returns to England then Spain though a quick return is hoped for...

So we just enjoyed our first date for sometime as 'Nana' looked after Raf and we went to see 'The Descendants.' It was a very good understated film (yes an understated American film does exist...), George Clooney in fine form with Hawaii turning in a lovely supporting role and we enjoyed the treats that Marlene had bought for us. We missed Raf too...!

So we are in 2012 safely, lots to look forward too - a few more posts from me - more birdsong and wildlife sightings, the funfair and chips in Old Orchard, running races and seeing Raf turn a big three in July! Also will the reformed Stone Roses play Portland?

Goodnight everyone.


  1. Nana sounds exactly as a grandma should be! Lots of snacks and soft cushions sounds perfect. :)

  2. Nice to see Rafi getting pampered by his grandmother :-) and Yay for the date after long time!!