Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's hard to believe it's nearly March and spring is coming soon - it hasn't been the (feared) usual winter in New England though I still expect a late winter April!

We are still settling into our new house, town and schedules - the wild ride of 2011 has left us still feeling a sense of unrest though we are trying to slow down and build in some relaxation into our week - not always successfully though Al has hooked onto 'Gossip Girl' and I've watched the complete UK 'The Office' once more - a genius series whilst Al thinks 'Gossip Girl' is up there with and highly comparable to 'Dawson's Creek!' Sunday is our new down day, trying to not leave the city limits but we'll see how that goes...

This Saturday it was Rafi & I heading to his gym class - which went well for the most part. Raf took no notice or interest in the warm-up exercises, and climbed all over me as we tried to do the floor warm-up exercises. The first round of circuits was about 50% successful as Raf went his own way over and through them - front rolls became 'front worms' as he slid and rolled over the obstacles laughing all the way. The second set of circuits were much better - more strength-based such as hanging, climbing and jumping. The climax was jumping into the sponge pit - and Raf teetered for a few moments and then... decided against it! He got very excited without jumping and then (in agreement with the instructor), it was a quick heave-ho from Daddy and he was into the pit, much to his glee!

Then it was off to the store - which is proving interesting as Raf likes the 'car trolley' which has a driving space for little ones. Usually he's content to ride the trolley but more recently he's, well...

Goodnight everyone!