Thursday, February 9, 2012

is this 'ink?

Raf has an unusual way of expressing colours. Instead of saying the word 'blue', say, he prefers to use the name of a train that is the colour blue. So, blue is 'Gord(on)', red is 'James', green is 'Hen(ry)' or 'perc(y)', purple is 'Charlie', black is 'Mav(is)' or 'Deise(l)', brown is '(d)uke', yellow is 'Moll(y)', and so forth.

But since we don't have a pink train, pink is 'ink'. Sometimes we play a game were I go through the pages of a colour book and say 'is this pink/red/blue/etc' and we all have a fun time saying 'noooooooo' (such a toddler favourtie). Tonight Raf took the lead and went through the book saying 'is ink?'. He was so proud of himself for being a jokester and making us all laugh.

Funny boy.