Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Picking

I've been a terrible blogger this month, and I'm behind here and behind on reading others' blogs. I will catch up! I am back to work now, which is why I've been so terrible, but I;m going to make much more of an effort.

Today we had a fantastic day/ The truth is we are all so busy and we should have spent the day working and catching up. But what are you to do when, at the end of September, it's close to 80 degrees?! So this morning we headed out for a family bike ride on the trail and then all swam in one of our favourtie ponds. We'll post about that later because this afternoon we went apple picking....

We had such a nice time. Raf tried to pick up a big pumpkin, and the picked some plums and apples... though his very favourite job was pushing the cart and then eating all the apples. Here's our post about the same trip last year. How did Raf get so big!?

Last year


  1. I am sure that was so much fun filled day!! Rafi is as cute as ever :-)

  2. Lovely post Al, we missed you around here x

  3. Dear Alex,

    That one ultra-coy photo from last year's apple-picking/eating - do you know which one I mean? - has been one of my favorites of Rafi. But the next to last of this set is striking evidence that he is growing up to little-boyhood!

    You are such a precious family :)

    Take care.