Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Rafi

I love reading the little journal entries Raf's teachers write in his book. I can just imagine him doing some of the things they describe. Here are a couple of entries from this week so far. I'm always brimming with pride when I read about his days and his blossoming friendships :)

"Rafi is so generous with sharing his things, especially special 'things' from home. He loves it when we read his favorite Peppa Pig books aloud in class and he offered to let Sawyer play with Molly his train in the afternoon :)

We did quite a bit of yoga during circle time. Raf seems to like the more active poses best, like 'cat/cow' and bear walking. He's doing GREAT with his deep breathing!

I think he found a friend in Mr. Kelsey in the morning - he was reluctant to let go his hand! <3"

And this is from today....

"Rafi was really interested in dramatic play in the kitchen today. The whole group worked together and had fun feeding the teachers lots of yummy treats! he was really attentive during story time especially liking 'Freight Train'. We made some homemade playdough for art. Rafi squished his into a ball then stuck popsicle sticks all over it - so cute!

Then he and Sawyer played peek-a-boo in the pop-up tunnels. They really enjoy other's company so much. Rafi made me smile today as he made kissing noises after lunch! He is so sweet and funny; we love having him here in class :)"


  1. I want to be his pal - he's awesome! love ya x

  2. That's so very sweet of you Rafi boy! I am sure you and Raami are going to be best friends in future :) keep smiling sweetheart :)

  3. What lovely diary entries! I always loved Freight Train, too, and I can just bet it is his favorite. What a sweetie.