Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Books In The Bed

Going to bed with Rafi every night can be quite an experience, never knowing how the next hour or two will pan out. Historically Rafi has not been too easy getting to sleep, and his crib remains empty after we abandoned plans to transfer him there after falling asleep in our bed, since he wasn't lasting more than an hour there.
So we head to bed - though recently Raf is usually clutching something - usually a train, after we have whittled down the armful of trains to one or two. I made the mistake recently of letting him take Al's phone up with him, thinking a few train videos wouldn't hurt and he would fall asleep to them. Well, I fell asleep only awaking to Al coming into the bedroom shocked to see - yes, Rafi still watching videos after at least 45 minutes of continuous viewing. Also another mistake has been leaving the I-pad in view, since he will repeatedly cry 'I-par' and I'm left trying to divert his attention to a pile of books I usually lay out on the bed beforehand. So we read, Rafi is at the stage where he will listen, point at the book's content and then hand you another book, and repeat until we get through the pile - I've been wise recently and reduced the pile as the reading minutes were getting quite high and Daddy's eyelids were getting very, very heavy. The Gruffalo is a current favourite, so we read that every night. At this point, Raf might be wavering or climbing up the bed frame, or grasping or spilling a water bottle he clings to, or trying to find the train he has lost in the bed. Every night is slightly different, and yet finally the wee boy falls to sleep, sometimes Daddy is not to far behind given a dark room. Other days, I slip out and we enjoy a few hours sans Rafi. Later, going to bed it's lovely to see a spread-eagled Rafi sleeping soundly and I just have to remove a few books from the bed before joining him in zzzz...


  1. This is a lovely post, Rich..xxxxx

  2. Such a sweet post :) love you Rafi boy :)

  3. Aw, cute! This is so familiar. Sage loves The Gruffalo, too. In fact, we've recently finished up our entire tin of Gruffalo-themed band aids. Give Rafi a big smooch for us!

  4. Ha ha. Raf is too cute, watching the Ipar in bed! Ha ha ha! These kids these days!