Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn weekend

We enjoyed such a nice weekend, packed with lots of fun and family time. On Friday evening we were invited to a new friend's house for dinner. our hosts have an almost two year old daughter, Rosa, and they're also expecting another baby any day. In fact this weekend they passed their due date, so they were pretty phenomenal hosting us. Raf was so shy when we arrived, hiding behind my legs and putting his head into my shoulder, but he was soon tottering around, watching Rosa - a sweet, funny, outgoing, lovely little girl - as she toddled around. She gave Raf a little hit, swipe and a push - followed by a little hug and kiss, so this could be the start of a beautiful relationship :)

On Saturday we walked the pups on a trail and happened upon some soccer fields where we spent some time watching these tiny little people kicking the football around. Very sweet. An afternoon bike ride ended a gorgeous autumn, sunny day.

Our hosts from Friday - Stacey and Noah (a new colleague at work) invited us to go apple picking on the Sunday morning. Unfortunately Raf was fast asleep for his morning nap so we had to postpone but we decided to head there in the afternoon to do a bit of apple picking on our own. So after an invigorating family run, we headed to Limington for some apple picking. Believe it or not I'd never apple picked before, and now I've done it I can't believe I haven't been before. There was live music, many, many people milling around, beautiful fields and stalls and food.. Here are some of our favourite pictures.


  1. Photograph #6 = "Oh, my heart!!"

  2. What great photos! Sounds like a really fun weekend. I love apple picking! Haven't been yet this year. I need to get going!

  3. My heart just melted...(for the millionth time!)