Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trip to the hairdresser

Last night Raf was wandering around the living room bumping into things, and I realized that we could no longer put off the inevitable first haircut. With his fringe covering his eyes and his locks tumbling down his back, it seemed like the time had come. I was actually feeling a bit guilty that we hadn't done it before. So this morning I googled 'children haircuts' in Portland and came across a place that specializes in kids' cuts. I almost burst into tears when I realized we'd definitely be taking him in for his first cut...

Rich and I were both feeling nervous about the prospect - not just because we'd miss his lovely hair, but because Raf is very shy in public and can get overwhelmed quite easily. But it couldn't have gone better. You just turn up to the place and wait your turn.. since we had a long wait ahead of us we ran some chores and came back a bit earlier so that Raf could get used to the place. While we waited a little boy came in with his mum and another woman. This evidently wasn't his first time and he was not enjoying himself AT ALL. He screamed and screamed and screamed, and they basically had to hold him down (his mum held him) so the stylist could cut his hair. This did not fill us with confidence..

But Raf's turn came and after a nervous start he settled in - with the aid of bubbles - and say there like a good little boy while the stylist cut his hair. She didn't cut too much off, thank goodness, and now he looks like he has a little bob!


The hairdresser (I forgot to ask her name!) was very good with Raf. We put him in the chair initially and he didn't like it one bit, but then the stylist brought out some bubbles and he was transfixed. This was quite a surprise as he burst into tears last time we showed him bubbles!

First snip... mama almost cried!

Pursing those lips... an expression he likes to do a lot.

Daddy helps to distract the big boy.

Almost done...

Look at me! All smart with my shorter 'bob' :)


  1. special moments. did you keep a lock? x

  2. How adorable! And wow is he the spitting image of you!

  3. First, what an awesome place for kids to get haircuts!!! I might feel less stressed about haircuts if I got to blow bubbles too!!! :) Also, the bob is sooooo cute on him. He's the cutest toddler! Love it, love him, love you!

  4. Lou, this place was so great! They put some hair in a little baggie and even gave Raf a certificate for his first haircut!

    Aha, Jen, many people have said this lately. of course it's a total surprise given how recessive my genes are :)

    I know, Sh! It's a wonderful place... I think you should come to Maine and have your hair cut here so we could get to see you! xx