Friday, October 15, 2010

October 14th

October 14th - our 16 year-together anniversary, and our 8 year wedding anniversary. A morning run with the boys and then lunch at a pub.

And also two new baby boys arrived! Our dear friend Ash welcomed her little boy Carter into the world. a sweet, sweet little one who weighed just an ounce more than Raf (7 pounds 4) and the same 19 inches in length.

And little Quinn, the new son of our friend Meghann.

What a wonderful, celebratory day.

Yet we were all still thinking of Otis, the sweet little boy who should be a month old already. So much happiness brings this great sorrow into sharper relief, somehow.


  1. I love that you two had such a simple, beautiful wedding. Congratulations. I know what you mean: I find myself thinking of Otis, Sarah and Erik even more than ever. Painfully sad, and I am as good as a stranger.

  2. Happy Anniversary Alex and Rich :) May you both be together with the little Rafi and with all joy and happiness forever!!

  3. congratulations to you both :)
    wishing you every happiness.

  4. Happy anniversary! I know what you mean -- Carter makes me think of Otis, too. Joy and heartbreak at the same time. It's amazing what the human heart can carry.