Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to an animal sanctuary

Weekends are going by much too quickly these days. I'm sitting here wondering how it can already be Sunday evening? Alas, it is, and whilst I have tomorrow off I have so many papers to grade. One of the reasons I have so many to grade is because I didn't do much work this weekend as I'd planned. Of course I am regretting that a bit now, but the weekend was busy and fun.

Yesterday we began our day with a family run. We were all tired and it was breezy and cold out but the run turned into a really fun time, and though after 8 miles Rich and I were frozen stiff (somewhat literally), it was a good way to start the weekend. Jess, our sitter, came over at lunchtime so Rich and I could catch up on some work. We went to a pub(!) to grab some lunch and a quiet table to do some marking, but, in retrospect, going to a pub to grade was probably not my brightest idea. Did i mention already that I have a lot of work still to do?

That afternoon we collected Raf and went to visit little Nico, the new baby, in the hospital where Raf was born. He is adorable, and I have to confess that it made me quite envious.

This morning we took the pups for a long overdue trip to the dog park. it was Raf's first time. We'd been reluctant to take him before now because other dogs might like to jump all over him, but Rich put Raf in the ergo on his back and I stood protectively around him and all was good. Raf got a real kick watching the puppies run around with the other dogs!

As the day warmed up and the sun came out we decided to head out on a family bike ride to a local state sanctuary which takes in animals who have been abused. I think it's a state sanctuary... and it homes mostly horses. These poor animals.. they come in close to death and this place really nurses them back to health. We saw some before and after pictures. it's incredibly sad. But there are also many cats there and a little pig - and Raf got to see many of them. He was especially taken by the kitties. They let us in the room where they sleep and play and he was so gentle and sweet with them.

We picked up a pumpkin at the sanctuary..

We made a lovely apple crumble when we got home from our long ride


  1. i love how busy rafi looks - like he's on a private mission. He certainly likes those kitties! and the crumble looks great. hope you had custard?!

  2. looks like a lovely day alex, what a sweet little boy you have.

    love lucy x

  3. It's so wonderful you are able to do so much fun family stuff on weekends! Makes all of the grading bearable (well, usually. :-). Adorable pix!

  4. I know, Lou! he often looks like that and then giggles.. no idea what he's giggling about, mind you! He does love cats. He likes to get into the dog basket when Daft's in there and snuggle up with her! She is incredibly patient with him.

    Thanks, Lucy, love. He is such a sweety, for sure.

    Jen, I am so behind with these papers that I am feeling a little remorseful that we did so much. Between grading and a conference paper I'm writing I'm beginning, now, to panic. Ack! But time is so precious and I'd hate to miss out on any of these good times because of 50 (gulp) long, long essays I have to mark! xx

  5. Aw.. what a handsome boy Rafi is!!!Beautiful pictures Alex. Sorry could not post since long, but I have been thinking of you all. Looks like Rafi is getting naughtier ;) I am in love with his lovely hairs :)

  6. what a wonderful weekend :)
    beautiful pix too hon.

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Sorry I am just getting here now when it's time for the next one. I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the last one.