Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny Boy.

Poor little Raf is once again a bit poorly. I took him into the Drs on Saturday morning and he does have a little ear infection. I think he's already feeling better with the antibiotics. Whilst we're not huge fans of loading up Raf with antibiotics, the relief they always give him when he has an earache is so evident, and I know from personal memory that earaches are just plain awful.

The nurse practitioner we saw (and have seen many times!) is just lovely. I mentioned our concern that Raf is not very skilled verbally - though bless him, he does try, and I am sure he saying lots I just simply don't understand. He seems to have good understanding, and does have many ways he communicates his point/wish/desire across.

Raf is such a sweet little boy (I am sure I am just like every other mother in the world who thinks this, so not very original on my part), but when I see him at the Drs or hairdresser - as I have recently - I am always struck by how sweet natured he is.

He is also a very funny boy.

Raf is a bit of a mama's boy and is such a lovely little hugger. Hugs all of the time... especially when I've been out. Except when I'm coming back from a run or a bike ride. He literally wants nothing to do with me! I met Rich and Raf in Hannaford last week after a run. Raf was running around the aisle and as he saw me he came running down with arms outstretched, ready to give me a big hug. Well, as soon as he realized I'd been running and was a hot sweaty mess, he veered off, shooing me away with one arm while throwing himself at Rich instead. He waits until I've showered, or at least changed, before he comes close.

In fact Raf is a bit fussy around being clean.. if he falls down the biggest nightmare for him is not the cut knee or scraped head, it's the gravel on his hands. And finger painting... forget about it, though he loves to paint (and Rich will write about that, I think).

Other silly things... he loves his liquid vitamin and this morning cried, literally cried, when I wouldn't give him another dose, If you're ever smelt the stuff you'll how how disgusting the stuff is. He also like to put boxes on his head - and washing baskets, too - giggling to himself as he walks around not quite being able to see.

Everyday Rafi does something incredibly sweet and funny. It's hard to believe that he'll be 2 next month.


  1. Two! that's plain nuts! I can't get my head around it. He is so sweet natured and sounds like he's progressing just as his little body and soul would have him progress. You're all fab x

  2. Oh my goodness--that photo!!!!! It is so adorable! What a little sweetie. I love hearing these details. He sounds like he is thriving, Alex, and of course earaches are totally normal at his age (though not fun, I know). We'd love to see you when the little guy is feeling better! (We'll be sure to clean the house before you arrive for little Mr. Fastidious. :-)

  3. I think I am gonna need even more photos of him with stuff on his head. Maybe on his new fb page.

    Sorry about the ear infections...I'm dreading those. Hoping that since we have the market cornered on other stuff we may get a pass, fingers crossed.

    You tell him I hope he enjoys daycare tomorrow! And that his mama will survive daycare too. xoxo