Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Day Yet!

Rafi has been adjusting fairly well to nursery, though drop offs have been painful, and afterward, even though he's had a lovely day, he is very, very anxious about leaving my side. There are a lot of tears if he thinks I'm not getting in the car with him, and he constantly wants to be in my arms, or at least in view. It is totally understandable but it's made us worry that perhaps he's not ready. So we were very happy that today he had an excellent day. I also asked his teacher to give us her impressions on Raf's language development - and she wrote some really helpful comments in his journal.

"Rafi has his best day yet! His separation time this morning was really short. He was very interested in a musical circle time with some stretching, deep breathing, and yoga. He had a wonderful time outside. What a fabulous and free laugh he has!! He enjoyed playing with Sawyer and Rory, and likes watching all the interesting construction going on :)

As far as Raf's speech goes - I wouldn't worry!! He is just starting to open up here at school, but we have heard a variety of sounds as well as multiple syllables. His receptive language is great and age-appropriate and he has his own 'conversations' with Sawyer using their own words. I think he will speak when he's ready! :)

Rejuvenation: 12:45-1:05 (diaper change), 1:30-1:45 (with Miss Jenna snuggling in the rocker).

PS: what an attentive story listener Rafael is!"

Rich and I were both there to pick him up. They were all outside and as we stepped out into the play area we could see him with 3 other toddlers playing on the slide having such a fun time. He saw us just as he was about to slide down... he took his turn and trotted up to us and gave me a big, big bear hug, and of course wouldn't let me go. It was a relief to have this note from Miss Sonya, his teacher. She is just phenomenal with these little ones, and shows so much love and care for all of her charges. We really are feeling lucky.