Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week in pictures

Thanks for your support as Raf starts his school career. it's been a busy week, and this week is slightly nerve wracking as we'll find out if we're moving. For those of you not aware of what's happening, our house is under contract with the town, who want to buy our property and land in order to put in a road. We're hoping it goes through so that we can move closer to work as my commute is insane. Before Raf it was completely fine and I really didn't mind, but if we move to Saco I'll cut about 7-8 hours off my commuting week. Fingers crossed... We'll either be celebrating with a glass of champers on Tuesday night or we'll be downing the entire bottle. Watch this space.

The biggest thing this last week, of course, was Raf's first day at nursery. We really love his main teacher and her assistant and we think it's going to work out well. On Thursday, though, a couple of teachers were out sick so it was a little bit hectic and I think Raf had a much harder time. Hopefully this week things will be back to normal there. Raf himself is getting over his ear infection and now, unfortunately, I'm sick. it's a pretty nasty head cold and cough, which is a real pain especially at night as I've been awake for the past few nights hacking up a lung.

Here are a few pics caught on my phone camera this week... funny, silly boy.

Spontaneous morning 'art' before nursery.

Getting Raf to sleep is proving to be easy these days...

Eating outside al fresco style..

Buy 3 bags of snapeas get a little boy for free...