Monday, August 16, 2010


My Monday didn't go quite as planned. It was one of those days when the busyness and chaos catches up with you, when things you ought to have done remind you that they haven't been done, and lots of disappointments mount up. Just when I was feeling like I'd appreciate the day ending, I arrived home and played with Raf. He hasn't taken many steps since those first few steps a couple of weeks ago, but all of a sudden today he was walking up a storm. He walked right across the living room - back and forth! It was pretty amazing to watch, and when we gave him his cup with his green shake in it, he took off before i knew it, drinking as he toddled along.

Here are some pics of the weekend.. he's getting so big!


  1. wow! I'm looking forward to the video of the little toddling tike! x

  2. I can't believe he's walking! Actually, I can believe it. He seems to be right on schedule for everything. What a great kid you've got! How exciting. Here comes trouble!

  3. I just posted a little clip :)