Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Steps...

Raf took his first steps today. Both Rich and I were there to see them, but he didn't totter over to us... no! One of our favourite people came to lunch today and somehow managed to coax Raf to take some steps. Joel was brandishing a little tea candle, and Raf was just desperate to get his mitts on it! It was all very exciting. Below is a photo of the moment just preceding those little steps... He took more later that afternoon and he was incredibly happy with himself. What a wonderful day...

And we also had a lovely time with our friend, Joel.


  1. What a moment to see and remember! I think time stopped for a few moments when we realized what had happened! Thanks to Joel for being the inspiration!

  2. love it! Did I mention how adorable and edible his little tumtum is?! Love that kid x

  3. Oh, how WONDERFUL!!!! And how nice that Joel was there to coax it out of Raf! This is indeed a day you'll always remember.

    I remember how fortunate David and I felt when Sage took her first steps and we were both there to see it. Given how seldom we were all three together at that time, it was a really lucky break. I helped her to develop her new skill by putting her down in the grass somewhere where there was nothing for her to grab on to. She loved practicing like that!

    I can't wait to see Rafman do his walking. :-)

  4. Yay Rafi!!!!! Way to go cutie :)