Sunday, August 8, 2010

Return To Bradbury Mountain...

With slightly cooler weather on Saturday morning, and thinking that the boys needed a different walk and that they could be in the car for longer - we decided to head to Bradbury Mountain, outside of Freeport, Maine. It's been awhile since we were all there and we have been on and off since we first came to Maine - though we have never run around it (hopefully that will change soon...). It's a popular destination for mountain bikers from the Portland area, and has many trails for hiking and trail running. While it's called a mountain, it more like a rather large hill, though it does offer stunning views back towards Freeport and the Atlantic from the top.

So off we set towards the top, which doesn't take too long since we decided not to take the longer Boundary trail this time. Kiltie was doing his level best to 'reclaim' the mountain as his patch with much marking, though Sammy is nearly as prolific these days too. We nearly saw a mountain biker come a cropper - but he regained his composure and made the steep descent with ease.

Rafi, was enjoying being carried by Al, watching the dogs and seemingly being content as we recalled previous visits - and at the top we stopped for a few photographs before heading back down the way we came. Kiltie and Sammy seemed to love being back on the trails and Rafi again was content as we navigated down some slippery slopes back towards the car park. What a lovely Saturday morning, with family in nature...


  1. always like hearing from daddy, too! x

  2. What a lovely day! Raf seemed to really like it, especially watching the boys from the carrier :)

  3. Looks like you all had a beautiful day :) I love those cute caps and of course Rafi boy's sweet smile :)