Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18th.

Today would have been Richard's mum's birthday. Ros would have been 56 years old. Sadly Ros died 16 years ago, just a few months before I met Rich so I never got to meet her. But we all think of her often, and as Raf reaches new milestones we feel that loss even more. So that Raf knows about Grandma Ros, we're making much of an effort to mark really special days. So this evening we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate Ros' birthday... I also made a cake :)

This isn't the best photos of Ros, but I had it to hand so I scanned it in. What a beautiful woman.

To celebrate Ros we went out to Sebago Brewing Company, and, blessed with lovely weather, we sat on the deck and had a lovely couple of hours.

Raf enjoyed hummus, pita bread, and crayons at Sebago Brewing Company :)

back at home Raf enjoyed some grapes and applesauce - and enjoyed showing off his teeth.


  1. Aw, she's really beautiful. I'm sorry that she doesn't get to see the amazing family you've both created. Thoughts are with you and it's very moving that you went out and acknowledged someone so very special in your lives, even in her absence. Love to you all.

    PS those teeth of Raf's are awesome!

  2. How lovely of you to do this. It will mean so much to Rafi to have his beautiful grandma in his life, even if only in this way. How very bittersweet for you, especially you, Richard! Hugs all around.

  3. Aw..Rafi's Grandmq is very beautiful :) Sad that she is not with you all :( A very Happy Birthday to Ros! Little Rafi's teeth are so cute :)

  4. this is beautiful.
    i love that you could celebrate Ros in this way and keep her alive in your minds and your hearts :)