Sunday, June 13, 2010

Part Four: Reunions

A final post about England... though mostly in pictures. After our trip to Devon we cam back to Cheltenham for a pitstop at Melissa's. We went to a place called Strawberry Fields, which is a fun place for kids to play. Afterward we headed North to the Midlands to meet my parents who had flown in from Spain, Rich's dad and step mum, and my aunt and uncle who my parents are staying with. We went to a pub for some dinner and had a grand old time.

On the final Saturday my sister Melissa hosted a big family reunion. We had such a lovely time, the first time we'd been together in many years. My aunt and uncle were also there... and we were lucky enough to catch 'summer'!


  1. love love love this post. the last photo of you and your mum and dad and raf is lovely x

  2. Beautiful pictures Alex :) Raf looks so happy in all :) Glad you all had a wonderful time!! I agree, the last picture is Lovely :)