Monday, June 7, 2010

11 months old!

Raf is 11 months old today! I can't believe it's going so fast. My oldest best friend Sam, had a baby last week - little Maisie - and it's hard to believe that this time last year we were just preparing for the arrival of Raf.

We celebrated the 11 month mark with, well, no sleep! Poor little boy is having a horrible time teething, and if that wasn't enough of an ordeal he has been dealing with a horrible fever this past couple of days. Yesterday his temp was 103.5, so this afternoon, having called the on duty nurse line, we went it to have a check up. All is fine, but the boy is still having these feverish moments which we're brining down with medications. Last night he was up almost all night, perhaps our worst night so far. He was crying in pain in his sleep... which was thoroughly heartbreaking. He also vomited all over me around 2am, too, which seemed only fitting.

Still, in better news, we're busily organizing his birthday. This mostly involves getting someone in to help us tidy up our tip of a yard, although I did order the invitations today. In other good news, we have finally found another nanny/babysitter in addition to Jen. We met Jess on Saturday and she is just lovely.. very personable and flexible. She works full time so she'd be able to help out after work and on some weekends. She'll divide her few hours a week with us between caring for Raf and cleaning. This is an absolute God send, frankly. Rich and I are excited about having a second date :)


  1. Super cute picture!! :-) I'll pray to the teething gods for you guys too!!

  2. love love love the picture!
    happy 11th month raf. x

  3. aw, I'm thoroughly jealous of your babysitters and very glad you have them at the same time! Poor little man, hope he soon feels better and you soon rediscover sleep and dating!

  4. Oh poor Raf :( Get well soon sweetheart. Happy 11 months baby :)
    Super cute family picture!