Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday visits

We've been doing some holiday visiting... a couple more visits this week - hopefully - with Jen, David and Sage, Fia and LL, and our friends Gill and her son Matthew in CT. But on Boxing Day we saw Kate and co (remember the story about the little boys and their new friend the baby?).

Look at how much Taylor takes care of Raf. Hugging him, rubbing his head and tummy.. so sweet! An extra treat was seeing Kate's sister Molly and her husband Tim, who have a very cute little 2 year old boy.

Getting ready to walk!

Little Thomas

Rafi opens his present with Taylor.

Rafi enjoys a hug with Molly.

We had a lovely visit with Renate. She hadn't seen Raf in quite some time!


  1. love all these photos! i can't believe how big he's getting. love lulu

  2. Aw....beautiful pictures Alex :) Rafi has such a lovely expressions in all the pictures...loved it!

  3. A - just wanted to stop by and say hello.

    Love and miss you. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


  4. that second to last pic of you, r and ren is especially adorable!

  5. i just text you but in case it was too long and got scrambled I wanted to let you know that our cleaner, Julie, just picked up the xmas card with rafi on it and said (in her irish accent) "is this child real?" LOL. She meant was it a commercial card because she thought rafi was a baby model!

  6. Aw, Lou!! That;s too sweet! I of course think he could be in a Gap ad, but I fear that I may be too biased. I'll have to look into an agent so he can start saving for college!!!