Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Roman Baths

For Raf, this was one of his most favorite experiences - hitting the Roman Baths in the beautiful city of Bath. 

Imagine trying to sleep with these three!

Before we hit the Baths, we had a picnic in a lovely park. We could have spent all day there. 

Not something you see too often in Portland - but there are so many amazing buskers in most cities in the UK. This was an especially impressive one (though a bit rude!).

And then we entered the Baths...  pretty impressed by the ceiling.

We thought we'd times Harriet's nap perfectly. She fell asleep just before we were due to go into the Baths... and then, as we entered, we were told that strollers weren't allowed. Oh lord. She didn't take being woken up well.... But she recovered fairly quickly.

The Abbey in the background.

It was a self-tour, with radios for us all... with a special channel for the children. They loved it, and really got into it.

Here, they're talking to a "Roman", who was in character the entire time.. 'What's an airplane', she asked? Children loved it.

Over 2,000 years old. Very, very cool.

Tasting the water. I thought it was foul, but Raf quite liked it.

A really amazing day with their cousins. All of them (except Hatts for her little breakdown) were so well behaved, so curious, and so into it!

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