Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sudeley Castle

One of my favorite days in the UK was our trip to Sudeley Castle in the heart of the Cotswolds, just a short drive from Melissa's. The day was beautiful - sunny skies all around us. When we arrived we first discovered a pond full of carp. Fortunately there was an older gentleman visitor who told us all about them, including how expensive they are!! 

And then we were off to explore some more.

And then inside. This was often the home (or at least holiday quarters) of Henry VIII and his many wives. They have a super exhibition of these women - and Raf was very interested in who survived, who was divorced, and who was beheaded.

Charlie found a model of the castle.

And the boys favorite part of the day? Discovering the Queen's toilet - made of red velvet!

And one of Harriet's favorite aspect of castle-visiting - eating cake

We stopped to chat to the carp again... and they came over and nibbled on our fingers. Well, my fingers as Raf was slightly terrified that they'd eat me.

And then, a bit late in the day, we found the most amazing playground.

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