Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trains, Beach, Sea Dogs, and on, and on!

We've just spent the week celebrating Raf's 7th birthday. Unbelievable how time is flying... but before I write about that I'll share some pre birthday moments. 

Here's Hatts with her hair clip, which last about 10 seconds, as we got ready for a trolley ride. 

We had the time to stop after our ride and look at the museum exhibits. The kids really enjoyed it, and the one lovely thing about a little boy getting bigger is his huge curiosity and his expanding attention span as we checked out the trolleys from all over the world.

And as always a quick snack on the giant rock.

As always some beach time. One of our favourite times to go is in the late afternoon/evening.

Such lovely times.

Rafi won tickets to go and see the local baseball team during my recent 5k. I took the kids and we met Rich there after work. Raf was DESPERATE to hug 'Slugger', the mascot, but alas he didn't make it to where we were. We did, though, see a Sea Star, a mascot of a local credit union, who came and gave the boys a big hug. he was so happy. I asked if he wanted to wait for Slugger and he said, 'nah, I got my hug'!!

Another day, another train ride. This time we headed to the Narrow Gauge Railway in Portland (making the most of our pass which was about to run out). It was such a gorgeous day and we met up with friends, and then we were joined by Rich after work.

Harriet LOVED the train table. I think she's going to be a lot like her brothers and their love of 'choo choos'.

A weekend of parties followed, including a neighborhood bash. Hatts' clip stayed in for slightly longer... at least 6 minutes.

And then more beach time, this time with good friends.

And finally a neighborhood bike ride with our pal Brady.

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