Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pokemon Party to Celebrate SEVEN!

10 days ago Raf turned SEVEN. So difficult to believe that he already the big 7 but he's letting us know that he's definitely getting bigger and much more independent. A couple of weeks ago we threw him a surprise party. After seeming Emily's surprise party for me he got the idea that he wanted a surprise party, too. It was a little difficult to keep under wraps but that morning he and Charlie headed to our neighbor's place and Rich and I, in a slightly crazed and manic 2 hours, got everything set up. 

It was a Pokemon theme :)

Pikachu... I was in the cellar blowing up balloons with a helium tank I'd bought the night before at 5am... !

I made the cake this year... with the help of a cake topper :)

Raf's friends headed over to ours at 11am and I collected him from the neighbors. On the way over he commented on the cars and I said that another neighbour of ours was throwing a party. He wondered why we hadn't been invited :)!

A bit shocked...!

What is going on?!

Some special teeshirts for the birthday boy and his little brother.

Checking out the cakes.

And the special Photo Booth I'd ordered on etsy and what Rich was putting together in the early hours of the morning.

The slide going into the kids' pool is always a big hit... (slightly dangerous, of course).

And then the slip and slid... endless fun.

Pikachu pinata. With sweeties and pokemon cards.

Always absolute bedlam.

But a lot of fun.

Surrounded by best friends.

And then our annual bike/scooter parade.

It was a fabulous party. Thanks to everyone who came... I have a feeling this could be our final 'big' party at home for the Rafman. My lovely darling boy.

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