Saturday, July 2, 2016

First days of the summer hols!

Raf has been home for the holidays for a little over two weeks. We have a new babysitter, katie, who is lovely. But in the afternoons it's me and the children... so much fun, and lots of adventures already.

But first some reading.. 

And train-playing. Hatts LOVES trains.

And, dear Lord, stair climbing.

We spent the first day of the holidays getting some summer flowers.

And that evening we hit the library to join the summer reading programme with friends.

There was live music, popcorn, and of course lots of books.

The kids joined in for the music.

And whilst we were there Raf lost his first tooth! At last!! Such a big day.

The next day we were back at the library for Pokemon club.

The weekend was action packed. I took the children for a hike...

And on the way home we stopped off to hang out with Brian.

Sunday was Father's Day so I took the kids to the beach so Rich could have some time alone.

A great first few days of the summer. So lucky to live in this fabulous place.

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