Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Snow...

Hi all, thanks for all the emails and messages about going private, I can't work out a way to go private in a way that makes it easy for some of my relatives (i.e. my mum!) to access the blog. So I'm going to share the blog with people who are interested in reading, and if you're not, forgive my error and tell me not to share it with you on FB. 

We've had a couple of difficult weeks as we've begun the new year as we've been hit with viruses. I came down with a stomach virus and then mum and then Hatts. Poor Hatts is still poorly and now, poor girl, has a head cold to boot. 


We had our first snowfall just before the New Year. The children were incredibly excited, though Charlie didn't last for long! Big mothering fail in that the snow pants I bought for Raf were too big, so the next day I took the children to do lots of returns at LL Bean. When we got home Raf and I took Hatts out for her first proper experience of the snow... she wasn't sure at first but was quickly amused as she watched the antics of her big brother. 


  1. Precious photos! And yes, please keep sending me the links!!! I'm glad all of you got to enjoy the snow despite the viruses. :-( xoxo

  2. Hey Alex (Z).... it's E (bananas). I've often wondered what happened to the old school bloggers. Wow, so much time has passed! I hope you are doing well and your kiddos are adorable!

  3. Hey Erin! So fun to hear from you. How have things been for you? Yes, three children now. Life is CRAZY!