Saturday, January 30, 2016

9 Months old!

Harriet Rose turned 9 months old on the 28th. I'd planned a 3/4 of a year cake but Thursdays are just very difficult as Rich works very late and it's just me and the children and swim class!! Poor Hatts likes to be in bed by 6pm, at the latest, so it's always a bit fraught as we don't get home from swimming until 6:30. Thus, no cake, which is what happens, perhaps, when you're the third child. Nonetheless, she is a happy, happy soul, interested in everything her brothers have and tries to keep up with them as best she can. She loves music, kicking her little feet when a tune comes on, playing her xylophone and drum... 

She is crawling about all over the place... I cannot keep up.

And not surprisingly she's found the dog dishes. Food EVERYWHERE.

I did take her in to have her passport photo taken on the day she turned 9 months. Poor Hatts. It didn't go well and she was trying to have a nap when we got to the photo place. I think we'll have to redo it!

Look who is pulling herself up to standing?! How did this happen so quickly...

So incredibly proud of herself. Such a sweet, lovely girl.


  1. Aw, happy 3/4 birthday, Hatts!!! The passport photo is priceless! Such a cutie. xoxo to you, my friends.

  2. Thanks, Jen! Miss you... I need to catch up on Sage's Diaries. Hope you're all well. xoxox