Sunday, January 18, 2015

Poppet Three: 24 weeks. And Poorly Chas.

On Friday I hit 24 weeks. This pregnancy is going by very quickly, and before this weekend I'd not gotten one thing ready.  On Friday I bought her first piece of clothing! Two of our lovely neighbours have given us such sweet little gifts, including the most loveliest little flower hat, and our incredibly generous friend Sarah Hope, who we literally receive parcels from on a monthly basis, sent such sweet little onesies. I've completely forgotten how small newborns are...!

This weekend mum and I took a trip to Ikea to buy some furniture for her room - just a chest of drawers and some storage stuff. We'll have the (never used) crib in our bedroom and we'll keep the baby's room as also the spare room (aka Nana's room). The entire house is in disarray but I'm hoping that at some point soonish things will be better organized.

I am super, super tired and with two children and a full time job it can be a little bit exhausting. And the nausea is relentless. Tomorrow I have my 24 week scan and I'm hoping the boys are well enough to come. Raf is literally beside himself with excitement about his little sister. He is also adamant on her name, so we shall have to see.

Poor Charlie has been really, really poorly. He started throwing up on Tuesday night - out of the blue - and was up most of the night, just in time for the day before the start of classes. On Wednesdays I stay home for most of the day with Charlie as I teach a late evening class, so not ideal. He seemed to rally on Wednesday during the day, though as soon as I walked through the door at 9pm and got in to bed, he sat up and threw up all over me AGAIN! Poor chap was up literally all night... just in time for me to have to struggle to my morning Thursday class. The week definitely could have gone better. He seemed lots better on Friday but once again was poorly that evening (a horrible cold now) and has slept really poorly all week. I'm hoping that by tomorrow he feels better. He's very slight to begin with, and now his little joggers are even falling off him.

Charlie did start with his new nanny this week, though (at least the first couple of days) and he settled in very quickly. He was honestly so happy to see his pal Annie. And came back with some adorable artwork, which he was very proud of. Raf was, too, and took a photo of it so we could make sure we always have a copy!

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