Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hello 2015!

This blog is six years old! I can't believe that we've managed to keep up with it all these years. The boys, even Charlie, love to look back at old posts and pictures so we're so glad that we've kept this little diary, especially as I am rubbish when it comes to printing out pictures and keeping up baby books. So we head in to 2015 with another new addition on the horizon... and whilst our New Years celebrations were low-key, I have to say that 2014 was a pretty good year for us. 

- Rich finished his masters and started a new job.
- Raf began kindergarten.
- I took a step back from administration at work, which has been a major change and a lovely one!
- Charlie's language blossomed.
- Raf also learned to swim.
- Charlie began with a nanny-share and secured a new BFF!
- We took a fantastic trip to Spain and England and were so lucky to be able to see family and old friends.
- And a marvelous visit with Nana - who is still here. 

We said goodbye to 2014 in a rather tame way... Sadly Rich had to work late, though Raf and I had a really, really fun time at the Children's Museum celebrating the 12noon pajama party and balloon drop. We got to go with Raf's new kindergarten buddy, Gideon, and is lovely, lovely mum. They had an absolute blast...

Waiting for the balloons and doing a bit of bopping... Both boys were worried about missing out on the balloons so the dancing was somewhat tempered by anticipatory anxiety!

Sadly I missed the pics of the balloons as Raf was in a tizzy about ensuring he got a balloon.

When we returned home we enjoyed some yummy New Years soup and a few toasts!

Then we practiced Auld Lang Syne...

And then we put on BBC radio at 6:45 and listened out for the bells of Big Ben!

Hurrah! Hello 2015!

The next day was also low-key... a lovely Tofurky roast (any excuse).

More wine, more toasts...

And then Nana surprised the boys with a bag of treats! It was left over from Christmas and I'm so glad we waited as the boys were so happy and excited to receive some New Year treats.

Colouring pads!

Banana chips!

What? Iroman?!

Protein bars!

Enjoying their spoils...

And the gift for us? Watching the boys whilst we headed out for a New Years run.

it was cold... and Rich was practicing his Usain Bolt pose..

Mine wasn't as good...

A lovely start to the year... I think it's going to be a good one, albeit a crazy one!

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  1. What a lovely post, Alex. It looks like you all rang in the new year right! And what a great accomplishment to keep this blog going for so long. It just keeps getting better and better! Best wishes to all of you for the new year. xoxo