Monday, January 12, 2015


Charlie's new nanny started today and it was such a relief! We were very, very sad to say goodbye to our lovely nanny Audrey, who had a wonderful job opportunity in CT and thanks to the family we do our nanny share with, we managed to find a super replacement. Caitlan was lead teacher at a nearby daycare center (a very good one) and came with outstanding references. We've been very, very fortunate to find her.. Today went brilliantly. I dropped him off at 'Annie's house', and whilst he asked for Audrey he was so happy to see Annie that he went with the flow. 

Here's a pic of Charlie's last day with Audrey... Raf was there too, and they both had such a lovely time with Annie and James. 

Charlie is such a character. He's always 'hangry', and inevitably wakes up before 5am stating the fact - even when he's demanded bananas in bed at 9pm... A term of endearment is 'stinky poop'. Indeed his first 6 word sentence to me was, "I love you, Mummy, Stinky Poops'. He also tells a lot of fibs.. "Daddy hit me, Mummy hit me, Audrey hit me, Rafi hit me", which he declares with a massive grin on his mischievous face. 

He's very discerning about what he eats out of and inevitably switches one bowl for another, often inappropriately so. For example, here he is eating (slurping) cereal from a sandwich box, and this morning he ate his bagel out of a massive popcorn container.

He's chatting up a storm. Every day I'm amazed by all the things he says. He's such a feisty little thing; a little scrapper. 

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