Sunday, April 14, 2013

In My Place...

Ever been put in your place by a three year old? As Al has mentioned, a 3.5 year old Rafi presents with new and unique challenges that we have to learn to respond to with patience and understanding - even when things go sailing past our heads with Rafi shouting 'I hate pasta!' He doesn't and whether it's tiredness, frustration or any combination of emotion states - it can make minutes seem like hours when the mood takes him. Also with increased verbal skills - we are now in areas of verbal questioning and refusal - I think we heard our first 'it's boring' too! So after a busy weekend - Rafi and I went to the playground in the garden and took the football with us - he's greatly more interested in football (soccer US people) than last year and loves to kick and chase the red ball we recently got. So heading in after the playground we had a little kick about and then usually he will run and I will kick the ball past or over him so he can get it. Well this one pass accidently clipped his heels as he was running away and sent him into the ground - it being a bit wet and muddy too. He wasn't pleased! His remarks went like this - You pushed me! Why you push me? You got my trousers muddy! My trousers all wet! You kicked the ball at me Then as he turned - he actually said 'I don't believe it.' I was a bit speechless, as we went in...feeling about an inch tall in the Dad department!


  1. Ah-hah-hah! That is hilarious.

    Yes, I've been put in my place by an indignant toddler a time or two.

  2. "I don't believe it!"
    Such big indignation in such a little package :)

  3. Bless his little heart. Poor sweet, Rafi.