Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big, little boy wonder.

IN the last few months, Raf's expressive speech has really exploded. He has a really funny turn of phrase, especially as he often uses quite grown up expressions and sentiments. The other day, for instance, after Rich went to the loo, he said, 'good job, daddy. Good effort'! On Sunday morning, as he climbed down the stairs where I was already up with Charlie, he called down, 'great party last night, mum?', and as I returned from my run, he asked, 'good run, mum?'

He's really growing fast. Yesterday, after a very busy day at work in which I didn't get to speak to him on the phone, he lamented, 'I missed you, and you didn't even speak to me on the phone'. And the endless negotiations... '20 minutes', 'just one more show', '3 more clues', etc. etc.

At the same time he likes to call everything 'poo', and instead of using his words he sometimes likes to throw things - including his angry little fists - around.

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  1. Ha ha ha what a riot. Wait til he calls you mum, mum, poo bum!