Friday, February 15, 2013

The One Toy Rule

One of our anxieties, as I assume with most parents is how the first kid will react to having a new sibling to contend with. Our boy wonder has had all our attention and bed for over three years and he has liked it enormously - and with horror stories of older siblings attacking their new siblings flashing through our minds - we have kept a close eye on their daily interactions. Though we can report it has gone as well as we'd hoped - with no major incidents of note. Raf did for a few weeks do a sort of pinching action all over Charlie (never actually pinching), whilst going 'jiber-jib' which was funny to watch, with Charlie nonplussed by the brotherly attention. Rafi will at times get over-bearing with kisses and hugs but he is easily re-directed and will do it gently until the next neck-hug! So it's been a relief and a credit to Rafi as we are stretched in time and energy to meet their respective needs. A new development which is obviously Rafi trying to exert his brotherly authority over wee Charlie is seemingly a 'one toy rule.' It usually involves Charlie usually on the floor surrounded by a few toys such as a rattle and other similar toys - until Rafi comes over and states that Charlie can only have one toy at a time and promptly puts the other toys away or hangs onto them. Upon asking why can't Charlie have more toys and 'poor Charlie' Rafi will earnestly state that Charlie can only have 'one toy at a time!' It's happened quite a few times and we still find it funny - especially when you consider that Rafi is usually saying this rule whilst surrounded by an explosion of trains, Legos, cars and books. Again sweet Charlie is usually nonplussed by it all - perhaps that will change in the next year or so??

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