Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Days!

We've survived the historic North Eastern storm... just! We're still snowed in, though we have hopes that someone will plow us out tonight or tomorrow morning. We were sort of taken by surprise as we don't have TV so we weren't watching the news and the weather warnings. Via Facebook(!) we learned that snow was heading our way and that it was a bit of a doozie but, still, pretty shocked that we have over 2 feet of snow, even more in Portland.

On Friday I had lots of meetings planned and despite the snow and slick conditions the college wasn't going to be shutting until 12pm. Thankfully all of my meetings were cancelled so I stayed at home all day, except for a quite trip to the supermarket. I'd been up since 1:30am with a very poorly Charlie so I was very happy that I didn't have to go anywhere.

Here's a happy looking Charlie - despite his cold and cough, and here's his big brother taking a photo. As Raf snaps his picture he always says, 'cheese'!

Later that morning, and still in pajamas, the boys made some yummy applesauce bread. Raf loved that his brother was able to help for a bit. 

Raf didn't nap and so it was a long afternoon. After lunch the snow started to really come down and after midnight we were enjoying full blizzard conditions. Every time I woke up I was amazed that we still had power as we fully expected to lose it.

This morning I managed to exercise for the first time in a week. Charlie slept much better, too, so it was already a better day. Indeed we still had power despite the storm that was still raging.

After a nice lunch Charlie and I enjoyed a very nice nap... over two hours! Poor Rich tried to take Raf for a nap but, alas, there wasn't much kipping.

 When Charlie woke up, though, we started to work on Raf's valentine cards for his classmates. We had a lot of fun doing them but we have a long way to go until they're all finished!

One of Raf's favourite games with Nana is to play 'Rafi in the Box'! Unfortunately it involves tipping his train tracks all over the floor first, but it's worth the clean-up.

Charlie got into the game, too :)

And as a special snowday treat, Raf got to enjoy some Christmas pudding nana had brought over for Christmas. He was so excited to have some again. Yummy.

Tomorrow we hope to escape from the house... fingers crossed the plow guy shows up.


  1. What pretty valentines! Sounds like a fun time. Hang in there and drive safely when you do get out.

  2. Julie, we'd love to send J one! WOuld you mind re-emailing me your address? Hope those twins are behaving and you're feeling better. I know I owe you so many emails. Hope you can forgive me. xo

    1. Nothing to forgive! I won't be emailing too often after our babies come for awhile I can't imagine. I was really worried the other day for no particular reason and one of them tapped me. I felt like he was saying "I'm OK, Mommy" and it made me feel a lot better.

  3. They are so adorable and how cute are those valentines? I'm glad you got that nap though it is pretty awful saying congrats for two hours! I don't know that I'd cope! Crazy snow! I hope the plough comes ASAP !!!
    Love you x

  4. Rafi's plaid shirt is so cute. And I am tickled by "A Rafi in a Box [with a Charlie on top]"