Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rafael the Artist!

I have so many posts to catch up on - including a Valentine's post. For now I'll just post a few very impressive photos of Rafi's latest art work. I was lying on Raf's bunk one morning and Raf, before school, started to draw his family. I think he did a lovely job. He's not yet drawn his 'people' on paper - just on the white board and more recently his chalkboard, so I'm having to take photos of whatever he draws. 



  1. He is an artist! I love his smile so much

  2. This is an amazing drawing. I've finally managed to get on the blog after a gazillion attempts! Now time to catch up on your whereabouts folks! xx

  3. Those drawings are absolutely adorable! So glad you took photos!!!

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  5. Fabulous drawings! I love how children begin drawing figures. These are great people - the arms, legs and body are all attached perfectly. So sweet. Great job Rafi! :)

  6. Super cute drawings by super cute boy :-)