Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Thanks for all of your lovely emails, comments, and messages relating to our news! We are super happy about it all, though of course we're still nervous. I'm due October 11th, so we're safely out of the first trimester and everything, so far, is looking great. Please keep us in your thoughts and hope that things work out.

We did start to tell people this weekend, just in time for Easter!

As some of you may know, Raf has been very poorly. Well, we all have, but poor little Poppet started vomiting on Friday night - throughout the night - and on saturday morning, just when we thought things were getting better - he projectile vomited all over my car. By Sunday morning he seemed much, much better so we ended up having a nice day.

We spent a good part of the morning making cakes and decorating them, while also making pancakes. Check out Raf's handy work.

Yummy! Testing his cakes, though the truth us Raf doesn't really eat cake.

Raf's first egg hunt begins... We laid a trail of plastic eggs around the garden, which took Rafi to his Easter basket hidden on the deck. He soon got the hang of it, and had a lovely time.

Almost there...

As soon as he saw the balloon and basket, Raf exclaimed, "cool"!

Happy boy! The first thing he grabbed was an Easter apple!

Trying to pick up his swag!

Wow, cool new toothbrush :)

Sammy helps Raf catch 'Easter Eggs' in Raf's new butterfly net.

Cool, sweeties!

Daddy reading Raf his Easter card.


  1. such a wonderful thing to do! what fabulous parents that boy has. And what a fantastic little boy his folks have <3

  2. What sweet photos, and what a lovely Easter! He is such a precious boy. xoxo