Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

I was on Spring break this past week. Sadly I had so much work to do that I didn't have a chance to spend the entire week with Raf, but we did have a fun week when he wasn't with Dani (his nanny) and since the weather was glorious we had fun going to the beach when we collected him after work. Last weekend was not as nice - weather wise - so we did some cooking, baking, riding on trains and school busses at the mall, music class, gym, class, and more.

It was a very busy Saturday, as usual, today. The weekend begins with Raf's gym class. He loves it and is really getting the hang of engaging in the class. The warm-up part is still a bit hit and miss, but we're very proud that he's doing so well and likes it so much. The class whizzes by and at the end they get stamps on their hands - which he also loves! (Although this did begin a brief stage of him colouring with felt tips on his hands!)

After a busy morning at gym class, followed by food shopping with Daddy while I graded papers, we headed to Olive Garden for some lunch. We've never been here before but someone told me about the bottomless salad and breadstick deal, so I was happy to go and sample things! To say that Raf loved the break sticks would be understating things quite a bit. He devoured them! He also ate two lots of grapes and perhaps smelled some lettuce, but mostly he ate bread. The kind server put in some additional sticks in our take home bag for later. Raf ate all those, too.

After a brief nap in the car, Raf was raring to go once again (all that bread) and we took the dogs for a walk on the trail near our house. Raf sprinted about a mile and of course on the way home was tired so rode on Rich's shoulders. He never used to like it but I suppose now he's a big boy he was loving it.

After our hike we headed to a park near to our house. In fact it's located at the school where Rafi will at some point go. I felt a bit teary thinking about it! He loved the big boy slide.

Life is so tough.


  1. Aw, how very sweet! I'm glad you three got some nice time together, and those photos are just adorable.

    xoxoxo to all of you.