Sunday, March 18, 2012

Raf meets some new friends.

I have so many posts and pictures to share... including a Valentine's post! But before I start catching up I'll post a few pictures from today. We were planning to go away for a couple of days, since it's Spring break, but I have been under the weather so we decided to just do a day trip. Rafi is passionate about sheep, right now, so we looked around for an animal sanctuary tos take him to. In the end we went to a local farm in Freeport. Now, it is a bit tricky visiting a farm when you're vegan, and while this farm is one of the 'better' farms around, it still does raise animals to be slaughtered, which is, well, sad to us. But we took Rafi up there because it's important that Raf gets to know animals, and it's also important to us that he understands where food comes from, and why it matters to his mum and dad.

Anyway, up we went to Freeport and Raf just had a lovely time seeing the sheep and lambs. He also said 'hi' to some cows, chickens and goats, and we even managed a nice walk around the campground where Raf managed to find some big muddy puddles to jump in. He had such a nice time!


  1. Nice to see you having fun with your friends! Lovely Dovely Rafi :-)

  2. Aw! Sweet photos! So glad it worked out. We have a little sheep for Raf; hopefully we'll get it to you soon. Hope you're feeling ok, Alex. Hugs to all.

  3. nice photo's Alex ,tell Raf uncle L has 2 chickens now i will put him a picture on here ill have to take one first ,their names are Kylie & Danni lol x