Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Friend

Poor Raf is quite poorly with a bad cold. Nights have been terrible as he wakes up every half an hour or so with his running nose, sore throat, and cough. Despite that, though, he's in very good spirits, and in spite of not having a nap today he was in an amazingly good mood.

Last night I took Raf to Whole Foods where we met Rich to do some shopping. We decided to grab some food while there and as we ate dinner in the cafe, Rafi spotted a little boy (well, big boy as he was almost 4) sitting at the food counter. Rafi approached him and smiled and then started to skip around a post, ducking under the rope that was attached. Soon enough the other little boy had gotten down off his chair and started doing the same thing around the other post. They were really laughing and smiling. All of a sudden they both started jumping - still giggling - and then running around together. Before we knew it they were running amok through the cafe, and then through the store - leading one another astray. They were laughing, jumping, and running through the store until we caught up with them and their little spontaneous friendship came to an end.

It was lovely seeing Raf make a new friend, and to see him so unabashed and happy as connected with this other little cutie. They said goodbye and we all went on our way.


  1. Oh, my gosh--that photo!!!!!! What a smile! And I just love reading this sweet story. I bet everyone in WF was overwhelmed by cuteness. :-)

  2. kids are so awesome. if only we retained more of that spirit! x

  3. Jen, everyone loved it! They were so sweet together!

    Lou, it is so true! The other mum didn't look over the moon about the little friendship but everyone who watched took such delight!